What Lies Beneath

Meanwhile, Deep Under New Orleans City...
na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Hun-ters!!!

Time since last session: 5 minutes
Time to full moon: 1 week
Last session: We broke into Ferdinandez Shipping’s NOLA HQ

In a hotel room far, far away…

Cliff appeared suddenly in Lale’s bathroom, telling her that her friends (us) need her. He does some magic on her hotel room’s floor, then holds her tight and drags her through the Dark Umbra, a bleak nightmarish land holding the dead remains of people and places (?) that seems to resemble one of dreams Warrick had.

The Bunker

Isabella’s new subterranean office opened into what appeared to be a plush VIP bombshelter. One one wall was mounted a map of the NOLA area, similar to the one found in Dr. Natanhyu’s office.


  • The Keepers’ Crown seems to control the waterfront
  • The… Black Spiral Symbol thingy is in Gretna
  • The Tulip is in Keeper territory
  • There is an ankh by city hall (presumably representing those who attacked us… maybe the Sabbat?
  • Set’s head sits by the museum (representing Dr. Natanhyu and the Followers of Set)
  • There is a spiky upside-down Ankh scattered in a few places
  • Finally, our recent escapades are represented by an angry red thumbtack

In a super swank bedroom hang three portraits of Isabella.


  • sketches for what appears to be an hourglass made from stone
  • stonecarving tools (which Warrick stole)
  • chips from the same kind of rock as Ularu
  • a furnace/glass-blowing equipment

Office – very spartan:

  • locked computer (Warrick took the HDD and the CPU fan)
  • memo from one of the FS front companies, indicating that someone checked in with the Coast Guard in Detta


  • walls lined with upright 10 metal tubes
    • each tube has a gurney with an unconscious person
    • the people are mutating
    • each tube has symbol S1 (high-five totem pole)
    • discern shows nightmares surrounding and bleeding into the people
    • Illuminate shows them with sickly green and yellow auras
    • On death, they decompose in seconds


Sickly green stargate swoosh from the mirror (similar to what Cliff did with Lale), revealing Dominic with 3 fully matured tube dudes. Dominic left and we kicked the tube guys’ ass. Then we clocked out and headed back into town. On the way out, there was some kind of explosion on the second floor… and Beau revealed that his trap on the second floor used a frag grenade.

At the Hospital

Warrick got a text from Emily at the hospital, so we rolled over there (also we got ouched by the monsters so… yeah). A new weird body showed up in the morgue, and now Warrick is apparently Emily’s go-to guy for such things. The bodies were Alex and Janine Johnston. Alex was in good health, apparently he “just died”. Janine was ripped to shreds, almost unidentifiable. Apparently they abused their 8-year-old daughter Sheryl. All Sheryl would say about what happened is that two men showed up and said they would help her.

While here, we also got Tom to decrypt the HDD.

More Trespassing
Than Your Body Has Room for

Time since last session: 1 week
Time to full moon: 1 week
Last session: we broke into Ferdinandez shipping’s dockside warehouse and cargo ship.
Lale is still on vacation.


In the news, it seems that a lot of New Orleans’ power players are turning up dead. The victims are usually mayor’s aides and the like, penultimate people, rather than the actual upper echelon; they’re usually found alone, in their homes, with no signs of forced entry, dead of strangulation but with no bruising on the esophagus.

The flash drive retrieved from Ferdinandez Shipping’s cargo vessel’s captain’s desk reveals that the captain is just a human. The only files of note were financial information, which Warrick took to Content Not Found: stanley, an accountant in the hospital, to go through. A bit of bribing later, Stanley told Warrick that it looks like Ferdinandez Shipping is laundering (money, Warrick assumes), making payments through front companies owned by FS, primarily other smaller shipping companies.

The picture Derek took of clockwork is somewhat blurry, with a gear-shaped lens flare.

Meanwhile, a hobo threw some trash at Derek; it turned out to be another poem from GuidingLight372.

Fens dry, towers tumble
Swamps burn, forests crumble
Five Sorrows stand and shout their pain
The Dragon stirs ‘neath ancient fanes
Bloody pawns swarm to the river
Leeches watch, wage war, and quiver
Serpents scheme from ancient sand
Playing out the Dry King’s hand
The Masqueraders rage and join the fight
Their beastly brothers march through the night
Gaia’s Children take the field
All roles assemble, none shall yield
The Craftsman toils to forge away regret
With Sorrow his hammer, the stage is set
Hark! The Heralds cry!
All sides but one are deceived and blind
Yet even the blind may preserve the Earth
And slow the Liar‘s early birth
Through the storm, two truths remain
The Crescent City’s grim refrain

The Dragon’s child must not wake.

The Broken Threshold must not break.

On the back of this poem was written the schedule for that night’s security shifts at Ferdinandez Shipping’s NOLA offices. With such a boon in hand, we decided to finally infiltrate the building.

Before we could get to work, however, Derek and Warrick received a text from their good friend, Luke. “Meet me at the park. I need help.”


We all jumped into Beau’s truck and took off for the park. Once we arrived, Beau, Damien, and Kyle, not being such close personal friends of Luke, hid in the bed of Beau’s truck with heavy artillery, while Derek and Warrick went to meet Luke, who showed up a few minutes later.

Luke’s problem was that the Green-Eyed Guy was stalking him, often showing up at the places Luke hung out. We acted appropriately concerned, and Luke decided to (finally) come completely clean with us; he looked around to make sure no one was watching, took a deep breath, and transformed. His skin flaked off like moths and melted in the sunlight, and underneath his skin was the blue of terminal frostbite and his eyes were spheres of ice. Then he transformed back, his icy exterior melting under the sun to reveal humanity underneath.

So here’s Luke’s story: even before the fights with the Green-Eyed Guy, he was kidnapped and taken to a nightmare world by some Fey. They made him as he is now, and when he escaped, he found that an imposter (called a fetch) had taken his place and stolen his life, so Luke killed him (hence how he wound up dead). Then came the fights with the Green-Eyed Guy. I have a note here: “GEG: Chaos is the answer to his prison” I don’t remember what this means, halp"

We decided it would be best if Luke laid low for the time being, so we stashed him in Beau’s in-town apartment. Luke had apparently teleported through some bushes to get to the park, so we weren’t particularly worried about being followed. Plus, it seemed the Green-Eyed Guy didn’t have any real method of tracking Luke, he just showed up at the places Luke would frequent. Luke also gave us a list of those places, mostly bars, so we could stalk the stalker.

City Hall

Our next order of business was planning the break-in at Ferdinandez Shipping. Beau and Kyle went to scout the area and look for cameras and whatnot, while Derek, Warrick, and Damien went to city hall to steal the blueprints for the building.

They decided Damien would help Warrick use his fame to create a distraction while Derek snuck downstairs to steal the floor plans. Warrick pretended to be their to raise money for school gymnastics programs or whatever.

Derek managed to sneak in while attention was focused on Warrick in the lobby. He grabbed the plans, as well as a few others to throw off the scent, and then moved a fair number around to muck up the bureaucracy and reduce the chance that the theft would even be noticed. Then he snuck back up and left through the back door.

Up in the lobby, Warrick’s presentation was coming to a close when he and Damien noticed two gentlemen with sunglasses and trenchcoats arguing with a security guard. As the two pulled out uzis, Warrick and Damien tried to warn the crowd and run for cover. Warrick wasn’t quite quick enough and took a grazing shot to his side. When the gunmen’s clips were empty and they were reloading, Warrick and Damien charged in, hoping to subdue them before they could attack again. A few more wounds were inflicted, but no serious damage done, and the security guards swooped in to finish the gunmen off. The shootout in city hall was fairly high-profile, and both Warrick and Damien will likely be more widely recognized due to their heroic actions.

When Derek heard the shooting going on, he stole Damien’s car in order to get the plans safely back to Damien’s apartment, which he also broke into.

Ferdinandez Shipping Corporate Offices

Our plan to get into the building was simple: sneak in, use the relatively unguarded employee,

Warrick was spotted by one of the guards while climbing over the fence, but managed to look like a scared kid and got off with a warning; after that the group used wire cutters to make a more subtle entrance. Upon realizing that the employee’s entrance was camera’d, the group took out both perimeter guards; Damien and Beau put their uniforms on and snuck to the security hub. Warrick, Derek, and Beau realized there was a building-code mandated fire escape on the side of the building, and slunked to the roof. Damien and Beau took out the security room guard, shut down the cameras, sealed the door, and set a frag grenade trap on the second floor, before meeting the rest on the fourth floor.

Through a cracked door, they heard a number of voices (presumably leeches) plotting…

Creole voice: We’ve accepted help from a benefactor.
Hispanic voice: Furballs?
Creole: OTHER people. There are 3 Trimere in the city, they should attack soon. Remember, these objectives are secondary, to distract from the shipments. The Sabbat‘s on our side for now.
Yeah there was probably more but it’s been a while okay?

Isabella’s Office

We found:

  • a 1767 portrait of Diego Arriyola (with a climate controlled safe behind it)
  • an old dueling pistol (in the safe)
  • a paper with Spanish writing on it, very old
    • a love letter to someone already dead (Diego)
    • apologizing for not realizing her love until too late
  • the code to Isabella’s safe (which we got after cracking the safe)
  • a switch in her desk that caused the entire room to drop down an 8-story elevator shaft



Warrick picks up a burner cell phone and gives the number to the police, to distribute to reporters seeking interviews.

Ferdinandez Shipping Vessel
or: Gang Wars are Good Distractions

Time since previous session: one week
Time until Full Moon: 2 weeks
Last session: Lale killed a Keeper and a bomb exploded at the docks
Absences: Lale was… busy? Girl things I guess.

First, Damien managed to find some info on the Fernandez Shipping Vessel’s manifest. It was mostly mechanical engineering stuff, heavy oilfield equipment, and some Spanish historical relics.

Then we decided to get our hands dirty and take a little look-see for ourselves. We scouted the area of the dock where the ship was moored and the warehouse they were unloading into; we returned that night for the actual investigation. Kyle was our lookout, on a nearby crane. Derek and Warrick boarded the ship, while Damien and Beau infiltrated the warehouse.

Damien and Beau used the warehouse’ fuse box to disable the cameras temporarily and sneak in, while Warrick and Derek climbed onto the boat on the underside of the catwalk. Once inside, W&D first sought the Captain’s quarters, having learned that Captain Marco Fernandez was in charge of the vessel. The Captain’s quarters were empty, thankfully, and W&D found a flash drive and a secret memo hidden in his desk:

Keep the crew away from the artifacts, I’ll be by to inspect them.

Following this, we received word from Kyle that a black limo was pulling into our section of the docks. Isabella was on her way. W&D informed D&B that Isabella was definitely headed for the ship, so D&B made to make a distraction by cutting power to the warehouse, using concussion grenades, and knocking out the guard (which Beau had a bit of trouble with).

Meanwhile, W&D used a map they found in the Captain’s quarters to get to the cargo holds. This ship had four: one mostly emptied, one full of heavy machinery, one made up like a WW2 era troopship (barracks-style), and one containing the sought 16-17th century Spanish artifacts. The artifacts of most interest were twenty Spanish sarcophagi. Hearing from their lookout that trouble was coming (in shapely lady form) Derek hid among the shadows at the edge of the artifacts, while Warrick squeezed into one of the crates containing the sarcophagi. Then, the clockwork eye dude teleported into the room in a burst of sickly green light. Derek managed to snap a picture of him. He waited for Isabella to show up. Warrick, secreted away in one of the crates, managed to hear the whole conversation:

C: Have you made any progress at all?
I: (Nervous) The city is more unstable than we thought.
C: You called me here to see your latest plan?
I: Yes, it’s quite simple; I brought specialists.
(Isabella opens a sarcophagi, cuts her arm, and pours some blood in. A young spicula sits up gasping. Isabella moves among the sarcophagi, doing the same at each.)
C: Bringing in more than just your bloodslaves?
I: They killed Nicolette!
C: Do you know who did it?
I: It’s a group, I haven’t tracked them precisely yet.
C: We’re running behind schedule. Threshold needs to be finished, and things keep getting in the way. You might need this.
(Clockwork pulls a dueling saber from his sleeve, hands it to Isabella)
I: That’s Diego’s.
C: I found it for you—remember what I can do for you. Now, I have to go catch up with Dominic.
I: You know you shouldn’t trust him.
C: He needs me, just like you do.
(Clockwork disappears in a similar burst of sickly green light)
I: That went better than expected. Never thought I’d see this again (admiring the saber).
(Isabella finishes awakening her brood.)
I: You’re out of torpor, in New Orleans. These are your orders: search and destroy. Go deeper in the city. Terrorize them. Draw attention.
(One of Isabella’s spiculas speaks up)
S: Won’t the Prince mind?
I: (Some colorful expression indicating how little she cares) If he sends anyone to interfere, stake them and leave them for the morning sun.

Isabella and the spiculas leave, Warrick and Derek exit the hold. Meanwhile, Damien and Beau have been exploring the warehouse once again. They notice that there’s not as much oilfield equipment as previously indicated, and Beau finds a crate of M-4 carbines. He and Damien grab as many as they can carry (six) and start to leave, when Kyle announces that there’s a large group of ruffians entering the docks. Gunfire breaks out. W&D jump into a lifeboat and row to the opposite shore, while D&B try to escape through the gang warfare. Beau is slightly shot, and while running they see Nicolette leading a group of Keepers.

Aftermath: Warrick was summoned to the hospital as the wounded were piling up (imagine that). On the way he emailed Dr. Natanhyu to let him know that his rivals had brought in some bigger guns, and picked up Beau, who needed some medical attention of his own. Once Beau’s bullet fragments were removed, Warrick shuffled some paperwork and got him released before the doctors noticed his X-Factor.

Okay, so... Info dump.
notes from session, unsorted except by vague chronologu


  • John Dow – Heart Exploded recently
  • John Guidry – heart Exploded 5 months ago
  • Luke Breaux – Frostbite bruises – died 3 weeks ago, arrested
    • a few days ago, attacked by TG on Lake Pontchartrain
  • Andrew Radivan – Luke’s Roomie
    • ghost hunter
  • Isabella – note in Luke’s room, note in Lale’s room
  • Gardner – shapechanger, breaks 4th wall
    • imagery of dragon spreading wings
  • Nelsons – owners of Thibodeaux Manor
    • axe murdered
    • Alan – Father, engineer
    • Carl – son
  • Dr. Natanyu – Egyptian Archaelogist
  • TULIP – French, curly brown hair
    • Nicolette

Session III

  • Thibodeaux Manor
    • bloodstain in living room:
      • ”He who would harm the little wren/Will never be beloved by men”
        • -William Blake, “Auguries of Innocence”
    • Dining Room
      • ”Some are born to sweet delight/Some are born to endless night”
    • Basement
      • ghost dogs – cistern attack
    • Upstairs
      • Heralds: THE PAST IS NOT GONE
    • Master Bedroom
      • English, French, German engineering books
        • microengineering
    • Bedrooms
      • boy’s changed often – C.N. monogram – Carl Nelson
      • girl’s – relatively unchanged
    • Curio Room
      • Egyptian, Saharan African, Aboriginal, Japanese artifacts
      • Secret Workshop
        • dustless & clean
        • Sigil: Gear, clockface, ouroubouros
          • wax at teeth of gear
          • broken watch in center
            • watch stopped at hiroshima
    • Gardener comes in – is wrong
      • Beau confronts with shotgun
    • Attic
      • Murder Demon Attack

Session III event Log

  • investigate Luke Breaux’s apt, meet roommate
  • investigate Thibodeaux Manor
    • ghost dogs in basement
    • footsteps upstairs
    • find secret door
    • gardener comes in, we are discovered
    • Lale, Damien, Beau, gardener go to attic
      • attacked by murder demon

Session IV

  • Ghost woman appears to Lombas and Kyle, says “See”
    • Massive dragon bursting from under NOLA
    • woman crawls out of grave, flickering between rotting and fine
    • woman in spiderweb made of shadow
    • Gardener weeping over person
    • Mansion bursting into constructive flames
    • ticking clock
    • museum w/ pyramid overlaid
  • Museum of Natural History
    • new pyramid discovered, 5000 yrs old
      • much older than other pyramids
    • freakishly smooth cuts on stone
      • as though machined with modern equipment
    • no burial chamger
    • met Dr. Natanyu
      • wrong
    • warning: “Suffer eternity held in one’s hand”
      • defaced Set head + heiros symbol
    • ”wrong” hispanic guy, doesn’t show up on film
  • Museum at Night
    • Dr. Natanyu using snakes to fight Spicula’s shadows
    • Hispanic chick shows up, kicks ass
      • grinds portion of stone to sand and collects
    • Beau, guard, and Kyle kill spicula outside
    • backstage, weird bronze sword w/ weird heiroglyphics

Session V

  • News: Missing Yacht in Lake Pontchartrain
    • 1 week ago
  • Thorny Girl sightings
    • Lale and Warrick in hospital server room
    • Beau and Kyle in Bar
    • accompanied by “The House of the Rising Sun” -The Animals
    • Also, song about lake Pontchartrain and brains
    • in middle of road during rain
    • Damien sees female face in water pipes; prolly TG
  • The House of the Rising Sun
    • Lake Pontchartrain song again
    • chick saw girl on lake
    • Thorny Girl appears, says, “Spite”, is hopeless
    • TG appears, attacks Warrick, vanishes
  • En route to Lake Pontchartrain
    • met Luke Breaux on I-10
      • cut up, on yacht that got sucked up into tropical storm
      • not sure how he got back
  • Lake Pontchartrain
    • boat captured by antagonistic waves
      • lands on island with cottage
    • cottage ripped up and bloody
    • attacked by marsh monsters
    • determined that Cairn stones are damaged

Session VI

  • Another marsh monster attack
    • one stalker is more resilient
  • The Clearing
    • 8 corpses, one is Thorny Girl
      • their intestines form 4 paths into the clearing
    • Tree, in the shape of a human screaming in rage/sorrow
      • Native American Ghost
      • ”Interlopers! With the Not Dead! I guard this place!”
      • Grows vines, becomes Doc Ock
      • Hands turn to werewolf claws
    • Black Tulips filling clearing
      • roots go deeper than the world
      • try to cling to Doc Ock’s vines
    • Discern: Tree of Spite
      • screaming man placed in tree, grows around him
      • heartbeat in tree
      • surrounded by shield, which is cracked and poisoned
    • Used social skills and powers on tree
      • Tree/Native/Ghost asked us to fix stone
        • also stop the never born
  • Clair says tulips mean determination and resurrection

Session VIII

  • Alan Nelson left state after murders of his family
    • extremely accomplished small scale mechanical engineer
    • nano-scale motors
    • murders remain unsolved
  • Fernandez shipping
    • 5 guys dead
      • ”ripped in half”
    • Keepers
      • new gang moving in
      • crown tattoos
  • Thursday Night – Warrick’s Party
  • Friday – Absolutely Nothing!
  • Saturday – Houston Road Trip!
    • Dominic has knife scars on upper arms/torso
      • O’Connor
    • Alan Nelson
      • Human
      • ”We envied life’s varied ability to change, so we’re fixing it.”
      • We broke into his house
        • he’s been looking at Orion
          • the harbinger of ill fortune
        • he’s sculpting a weeping angel
        • we left a note with the gear/ouroubouros symbol
          • ”Watch yourself”
    • Dominic’s House
      • conversation with Isabella
        • D: “Watch yourself! The blew the office up!” (Portland)
        • D: “Father Beast-of-War”
        • I: “Father Defiler”
        • D: “Checking out same office I was. I think he’s still working on it.”
        • D: “I’m curled up with Logan, you never got the one you want.”
        • Dominic and Logan are gay lovers.
  • Sunday: Houston wrap-up
    • Dominic’s house
      • found a new lease in Gretna (South of NOLA)
      • Langolier floating in Dominic’s house, visible only to second sight
        • diseased regret spirit

Beau’s Encounter with the Tulip

  • Met a chick in a bar, got roofied
  • woke up chained to a wall
  • tortured for the location of the watch
  • Mask Dude – clockwork eye/ouroubouros on tabard
    • steampunk renfest
  • The need the watch to make things right
    • Isabella says the plan won’t hurt us
  • Lake Pontchartrain was a trap
  • Nicolette’s ex bff: Diego

Session IX

  • meeting with Dr. Natanyu
    • NOLA turf war
    • power vacuum
    • Isabella and Keepers
    • Idealogical divides – 2 factions
    • Pyramid stones/sand – great mystic significance
    • he mentioned being organized into CLANS
      • not usually shade-oriented – mystics
    • Isabella founded Fernandez Shipping hundreds of years ago
    • Dr. Natanyu is one of the Followers of Set
  • Nelson Family Plot
    • Johnny and Doris – 50’s
    • Felicitie – Beloved Wife, 9-27-2005
    • Carl and Charlotte, 9-27-05
  • Cliff – the Consultant
    • Dominic is a “Dancer”

Session X

  • Broke in Natanyu’s Hotel
    • Hunter.net think that the Followers of Set are warlocks
    • has map of NOLA waterside
      • marked w/ crowns
      • Lakeside of business district
      • labelled Lasombre (shadow in spanish)
        • Isabella is this
    • Papyrus letter
      • from Ibrahim
      • warning about Runs-From-Death (Cliff) being in NOLA
  • Tidal Rave
    • Keepers and other gangs use this as neutral zone
    • most of the Keepers are blood-slaves
      • three of them are leeches
    • social guys gathered information
    • Kyle and Warrick caused a fight on the way out
  • Nicolette attacked us after we left the bar
    • Discern – heart not beating, not breathing, deep shadow, throat slashed open
    • military martial arts
    • scream power
    • mist version of her overlaid over her
      • sunk down into the earth after she was defeated

Session 11

  • Artifacts
    • watch given to Japanese officers, war-related
    • Arrowheads from first battlefield in North America
    • Uluru stone – slaughter creation myth
    • Pyramids – slaves worked to death
  • Tenants of Thibodeaux Manor
    • Aaron Daine – Australian Tulane student
    • Adele – author, lives at Eden Isles
    • Thomas Deaton – artist, drew creepy art of house
  • There have been 6 cases of heart explosions
  • Luke Breaux
    • died of hypothermia
    • changed life around
    • has connections with the 7th Street Royals
  • Andrew
    • Fernandez Shipping building build like a Seal of Solomon
      • he infiltrated the place in May, the police response was overwhelming
      • river is occult conductor, dude
  • Luke’s Death
    • twice was in bar fight with guy with sickly green eyes and blackened veins
      • his punches felt like they were burning away parts of Luke
    • Discern – hypothermia, skeleton and heart of ice
      • neck and wrists are chafed as though wearing manacles
  • Gangbangers
    • one with bulging veins – bloodslave
    • one that is already dead
    • note from Gevaudan (French province in 1700s werewolf)
      • ”I don’t care what Isabella says, kill them both.”

Warrick’s Notes – OCT 30

  • Gangbangers at Luke & Andrew’s
    • Luke – dropped off at Daiguiri Hut
      • “I’m drunk and don’t want to go home”
    • Andrew – initially sent to Clair’s
      • rerouted to bar with Derek and Kyle
    • Interrogation of Keepers
      • Dead guy was impervious to torture
      • dead guy is also telekinetic? (eyes go black)
      • bloodslave recognizes Isabella’s name
      • bloodslave bulks up and escapes restraints
      • Lale knifes him and he falls out of window into parking lot
      • Dead guy gets released
        • Lale tags him with Trail
    • Regroup at the bar with Andrew
  • Heart explosion in French Quarter
    • overhear detectives at scene of Andrew’s house
    • Emily tells us they’ve been happening about once every two weeks
    • Oddfellow’s Rest Cemetary
      • huge blood spray
      • traumatized witnesses
      • bulge in chest of corpse
  • Thibodeaus Manor – Redux
    • Entryway
      • chilly
      • EMF above average
    • Living Room
      • Illuminate: 3 grey human outlines on floor
        • look like nuclear blast shadows
        • remnants of mother and 2 children
    • Nyjagalan
      • guy walking down stairs in entryway
      • sickly green eyes
      • Illuminate: Yellow and Green
      • Discern: hollow & something inside him
      • is waiting for meeting with Dominic
      • “I take what’s been dealt to me”
      • “Business arrangement w/ Seekers of Misty Isle”
      • referred to the Sorrows as Avalon Protocol – AP Club
      • AP sends Keeper goonds to meeting
        • “Evidence of our continuing work”
        • a stone figurine
          • old
          • totem pole ish
          • Jagger eats it
      • then Jagger cuts the air open
        • walks through to a graveyard
    • Curio Room
      • Fernandez Shipping Letterhead
        • “Our benefactor is almost done building”
        • “I will complete my assault soon”
        • listed an address in the warehouse district
        • “meet me before the next full moon”
        • sent to Dominic
        • crumpled in corner of secret workshop
    • Tower
      • Attic
        • light works perfectly fine now
        • vaguely circular spot of tar
          • burn mark in middle
          • came up out of floor
          • wood underneath is black
          • symbol is widdershins spiral with six short curved lines radiating out, two of which are intersected orthogonally by even shorter curved lines
          • apparently an expended summoning circle
      • Tower Room
        • big bay windows, can see forever
        • see Fernandez Shipping ship pulling into port
          • got the ID#
        • also say Natural History Museum van at docks
        • suddenly a warehouse exploded
        • Lale called in a bomb threat for the FS ship

Damien’s Notes from Thomas Deaton Interview – OCT 30

  • Thomas Deaton: Lived at Thibodeaux Manor with several girlfriends for one year.
  • Landlord: Nelson
  • Felt uncomfortable, especially in attic
  • Cold spots in living room. Ghosts?
  • He’s never had worse nightmares
  • Curio room, African mask with gear eye
  • Cat refused to go upstairs, except Thomas’ room
  • Thomas’ painting of house
    • Illuminated hazy grey
    • Walls of house in painting consist of clocks, ravens, snakes, tulips, and butterflies
    • Isabella really wanted the painting
      • comissioned pieces from Thomas, including portrait. Her dress includes a raven motif.
  • Master bedroom never felt off
  • Recurring dream: forest on fire, eye in wreckage of trees (draconic), fire moves like river through NOLA down delta, to a column of light in the delta.

Damien’s Notes from Adel Planchet Interview – OCT 30

  • Adel Planchet: writer, lived there for one year, rented from Nelson
  • House felt like a Lovecraft story
    • house had changed from events in it.
    • Always felt cold, with spots in the living room.
  • House was full of regret
    • like it use to be important
    • like something got left behind
    • feelings were worst in the living room and entry hall, around 6 or 7 p.m.
    • House wasn’t threatening, just sad
    • Library less sad, still had purpose
  • couldn’t eliminate all the shadows in the attic
    • possibly due to the murder demon we encountered there?
  • Dominic felt like a snake
    • secretive, wise, and old
  • Saw shadows in the woods, but never distinctly
  • Saw a flock of ravens rise from the city, and move south
  • In her book, home belonged to a vampire who was sired there.
    • In another book, house was haunted, and a new family helped the ghost move on
  • House became less sad over time
    • through age or through being given a purpose
  • Adel is Illuminated with a flickering blue light

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