What Lies Beneath

Ferdinandez Shipping Vessel

or: Gang Wars are Good Distractions

Time since previous session: one week
Time until Full Moon: 2 weeks
Last session: Lale killed a Keeper and a bomb exploded at the docks
Absences: Lale was… busy? Girl things I guess.

First, Damien managed to find some info on the Fernandez Shipping Vessel’s manifest. It was mostly mechanical engineering stuff, heavy oilfield equipment, and some Spanish historical relics.

Then we decided to get our hands dirty and take a little look-see for ourselves. We scouted the area of the dock where the ship was moored and the warehouse they were unloading into; we returned that night for the actual investigation. Kyle was our lookout, on a nearby crane. Derek and Warrick boarded the ship, while Damien and Beau infiltrated the warehouse.

Damien and Beau used the warehouse’ fuse box to disable the cameras temporarily and sneak in, while Warrick and Derek climbed onto the boat on the underside of the catwalk. Once inside, W&D first sought the Captain’s quarters, having learned that Captain Marco Fernandez was in charge of the vessel. The Captain’s quarters were empty, thankfully, and W&D found a flash drive and a secret memo hidden in his desk:

Keep the crew away from the artifacts, I’ll be by to inspect them.

Following this, we received word from Kyle that a black limo was pulling into our section of the docks. Isabella was on her way. W&D informed D&B that Isabella was definitely headed for the ship, so D&B made to make a distraction by cutting power to the warehouse, using concussion grenades, and knocking out the guard (which Beau had a bit of trouble with).

Meanwhile, W&D used a map they found in the Captain’s quarters to get to the cargo holds. This ship had four: one mostly emptied, one full of heavy machinery, one made up like a WW2 era troopship (barracks-style), and one containing the sought 16-17th century Spanish artifacts. The artifacts of most interest were twenty Spanish sarcophagi. Hearing from their lookout that trouble was coming (in shapely lady form) Derek hid among the shadows at the edge of the artifacts, while Warrick squeezed into one of the crates containing the sarcophagi. Then, the clockwork eye dude teleported into the room in a burst of sickly green light. Derek managed to snap a picture of him. He waited for Isabella to show up. Warrick, secreted away in one of the crates, managed to hear the whole conversation:

C: Have you made any progress at all?
I: (Nervous) The city is more unstable than we thought.
C: You called me here to see your latest plan?
I: Yes, it’s quite simple; I brought specialists.
(Isabella opens a sarcophagi, cuts her arm, and pours some blood in. A young spicula sits up gasping. Isabella moves among the sarcophagi, doing the same at each.)
C: Bringing in more than just your bloodslaves?
I: They killed Nicolette!
C: Do you know who did it?
I: It’s a group, I haven’t tracked them precisely yet.
C: We’re running behind schedule. Threshold needs to be finished, and things keep getting in the way. You might need this.
(Clockwork pulls a dueling saber from his sleeve, hands it to Isabella)
I: That’s Diego’s.
C: I found it for you—remember what I can do for you. Now, I have to go catch up with Dominic.
I: You know you shouldn’t trust him.
C: He needs me, just like you do.
(Clockwork disappears in a similar burst of sickly green light)
I: That went better than expected. Never thought I’d see this again (admiring the saber).
(Isabella finishes awakening her brood.)
I: You’re out of torpor, in New Orleans. These are your orders: search and destroy. Go deeper in the city. Terrorize them. Draw attention.
(One of Isabella’s spiculas speaks up)
S: Won’t the Prince mind?
I: (Some colorful expression indicating how little she cares) If he sends anyone to interfere, stake them and leave them for the morning sun.

Isabella and the spiculas leave, Warrick and Derek exit the hold. Meanwhile, Damien and Beau have been exploring the warehouse once again. They notice that there’s not as much oilfield equipment as previously indicated, and Beau finds a crate of M-4 carbines. He and Damien grab as many as they can carry (six) and start to leave, when Kyle announces that there’s a large group of ruffians entering the docks. Gunfire breaks out. W&D jump into a lifeboat and row to the opposite shore, while D&B try to escape through the gang warfare. Beau is slightly shot, and while running they see Nicolette leading a group of Keepers.

Aftermath: Warrick was summoned to the hospital as the wounded were piling up (imagine that). On the way he emailed Dr. Natanhyu to let him know that his rivals had brought in some bigger guns, and picked up Beau, who needed some medical attention of his own. Once Beau’s bullet fragments were removed, Warrick shuffled some paperwork and got him released before the doctors noticed his X-Factor.



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