What Lies Beneath

Meanwhile, Deep Under New Orleans City...

na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Hun-ters!!!

Time since last session: 5 minutes
Time to full moon: 1 week
Last session: We broke into Ferdinandez Shipping’s NOLA HQ

In a hotel room far, far away…

Cliff appeared suddenly in Lale’s bathroom, telling her that her friends (us) need her. He does some magic on her hotel room’s floor, then holds her tight and drags her through the Dark Umbra, a bleak nightmarish land holding the dead remains of people and places (?) that seems to resemble one of dreams Warrick had.

The Bunker

Isabella’s new subterranean office opened into what appeared to be a plush VIP bombshelter. One one wall was mounted a map of the NOLA area, similar to the one found in Dr. Natanhyu’s office.


  • The Keepers’ Crown seems to control the waterfront
  • The… Black Spiral Symbol thingy is in Gretna
  • The Tulip is in Keeper territory
  • There is an ankh by city hall (presumably representing those who attacked us… maybe the Sabbat?
  • Set’s head sits by the museum (representing Dr. Natanhyu and the Followers of Set)
  • There is a spiky upside-down Ankh scattered in a few places
  • Finally, our recent escapades are represented by an angry red thumbtack

In a super swank bedroom hang three portraits of Isabella.


  • sketches for what appears to be an hourglass made from stone
  • stonecarving tools (which Warrick stole)
  • chips from the same kind of rock as Ularu
  • a furnace/glass-blowing equipment

Office – very spartan:

  • locked computer (Warrick took the HDD and the CPU fan)
  • memo from one of the FS front companies, indicating that someone checked in with the Coast Guard in Detta


  • walls lined with upright 10 metal tubes
    • each tube has a gurney with an unconscious person
    • the people are mutating
    • each tube has symbol S1 (high-five totem pole)
    • discern shows nightmares surrounding and bleeding into the people
    • Illuminate shows them with sickly green and yellow auras
    • On death, they decompose in seconds


Sickly green stargate swoosh from the mirror (similar to what Cliff did with Lale), revealing Dominic with 3 fully matured tube dudes. Dominic left and we kicked the tube guys’ ass. Then we clocked out and headed back into town. On the way out, there was some kind of explosion on the second floor… and Beau revealed that his trap on the second floor used a frag grenade.

At the Hospital

Warrick got a text from Emily at the hospital, so we rolled over there (also we got ouched by the monsters so… yeah). A new weird body showed up in the morgue, and now Warrick is apparently Emily’s go-to guy for such things. The bodies were Alex and Janine Johnston. Alex was in good health, apparently he “just died”. Janine was ripped to shreds, almost unidentifiable. Apparently they abused their 8-year-old daughter Sheryl. All Sheryl would say about what happened is that two men showed up and said they would help her.

While here, we also got Tom to decrypt the HDD.



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